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Sylvia Mundy

phone: 02392 484760
Drawing and painting have always interested me. At school there was usually one of my paintings on display in the corridor, drawing was a significant part of my zoological and botanical studies, and I took particular pleasure in making diagrams of scientific apparatus.

In 1959, I had my first try with oil paints bought for me by my husband.  In 1972/1973   I managed to attend evening classes at Oak Park School but could not continue due to family and work commitments.

When I retired in 1993, gifts from my husband, son and daughter and a small legacy enabled me to study Botanical Illustration  at the Royal Horticultural Society at Wisley. Concern for my eyesight ended this endeavour.
Seeking a broader view, I enrolled with South Down’s College for a part-time painting course. The tutor was Alan Worthy-Turner to whom I am indebted for teaching me about many artists and their styles, and so many drawing and water colour  techniques, over a period of seven years.  I clearly remember one class on Ben Nicholson’s work, which  inspired me to move away from a representational style.  The thought processes which go through my mind in looking  for shapes, simplifying and putting my perspective on subject matter give me enormous satisfaction and pleasure. In response to positive encouragement from my husband, I joined The Portsmouth and Hampshire Art Society in 1999 and exhibited for the first time in 2000.  A year later I was invited to join and exhibit with the Emsworth Artists.
In June 2001, Channel 4 made a series of “Water Colour Challenge” programmes in Provence for Water Colour Challenge Club members. My daughter had given me membership as a Christmas present. I was delighted to be asked to take part, but it coincided with my husband’s 80th birthday.  I declined. Imagine my excitement when a further phone call asked me to go for just one day’s recording!  It was a great experience. The programme went out on Channel 4 on 3rd. September 2001.
In 2004 I started attending the PHAS art classes and have received encouraging and informative comments from all the tutors. I moved into acrylics and abstract painting and have continued to explore different techniques and media, including collage. Stone carving is the latest, for which I have set up a studio in the garden. I love doing this 3D work.  My first carvings were in relief and I am now endeavouring to do stand alone sculptures. 

From time to time I have undertaken commissions.  Mostly these have been compilations (my style) of places or people’s lives. I prefer to work from my own photos, but for commissions this is not always possible.


Extracting and abstracting from reality and painting flowers still give me great pleasure. But I don’t think I will ever stop experimenting – variety is the spice and science of life!